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The bail bonds process is full of laws, practices, and requirements that can become overpowering for anyone. If you, a friend or loved one ends up needing bail, finding an approved bondsman in Brighton, Colorado, is important toward securing the release of friend or family member. At Brighton Bail Bonds we are committed to assisting our clients in navigating the legal system in a stress-free and welcoming environment.

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Rather than having to spend hours and hours at the jail you can finish all of the bail bond documents from your computer, smartphone or tablet in under 10 mins.

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Jail Fees: There is a $40 booking fee and a $10 fee per bond in Adams County

Paperwork/Fingerprints: All paperwork and fingerprinting must be done before the defendant’s release. At Brighton Bail Bonds, we are here to guide you through the process. 

Release Time: Once all the requirements are met, typical release times are 2-8 hours. 


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On Call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Our team of Licensed Colorado Bail Bonds will explain and lead you through every step of the bail bond process. 

We promise each client, indemnitor and defendant, a polite and expert bail bond service in a friendly and helpful environment.

Understanding Bail Bonds And what you need to know

Through unfortunate circumstances, one could end up in jail for a variety of reasons.

Would you have enough money to secure your release? Would it be better to use a bond agency? And what does that mean?

Having friends and families that have the means or connections certainly makes things more comfortable; however, for most people, this can be challenging and makes bail a little more complicated. Understand the rules and regulations surrounding bonds will put you in a better position. 

Authorized Bondsman

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Minutes away, Our team of licensed bondsman are ready and waiting.

When family or friends don’t have the means to post bail, a bail agency or licensed bondsman is usually where people turn to for advice and assistance navigating state laws. 

We’re a family-owned, local bail bond agency with generations of experience in the bail bond industry. 

Online Bail Bonds

Filing paperwork in stressful times is no fun. Our online bail bonds system is a quick, accessible and safe means to get the process started.

Skip the lines and stress wasted completing forms at the jail and finish the process in under 10 minutes using any device.

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